Strategic Plan and Election Policies

CFSVA Pre-Election Lobbying 2022

Click here for CFSVA Bulletin – Election March 2022

The CFSVA encourages all volunteers to work with us in our pre-election lobbying efforts by approaching their local members of parliament and candidates in the lead up to the March state election and supporting the CFSVA in its bid to secure additional funding for CFS.

Objectives of the CFSVA’s lobbying is to secure critical financial support to ensure the long-term future and sustainability of CFS whilst maintaining our current high standard of service delivery.

Please remember that the economic benefit CFS volunteers provide to the South Australian economy exceeds $150 million each year, and without the dedication and commitment of you, our volunteers a state-wide emergency service would not be sustainable nor achievable.

CFSVA Building on Strong Foundations 2022 and Beyond

The Country Fire Service Volunteers Association (CFSVA) in consultation with its 13,500 members has developed this document to identify key objectives raised by our members and are strategic to the future of the Country Fire Service.

click here for full document: CFSVA 2022 and beyond

SACFS Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025

click here for full document: CFS Strategic Plan

CFSVA Strategic Plan 2016-2020

The CFSVA Strategic Plan for 2016-2020 is complete and available to view right now. 

CFSVA Building a strong CFS 2018 and beyond

This document, prepared in the lead up to the 2018 South Australian State Election, aims to assist current and future members of Parliament to identify key issues that are of significance to CFS members and the future sustainability of the Country Fire Service.  The following summary outlines position statements which require government consideration and when implemented will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations undertaken by CFS Volunteers.  Government’s validation of these policies will support the Association’s work on behalf of its members and provide volunteers with the necessary tools to meet the ever increasing expectations of the wider community.

Autonomy and Independence

The CFSVA strongly supports the independence of the Country Fire Service which must be maintained to ensure CFS remains a community based organisation supported by government.  The CFS works in co-operation with other emergency service agencies for the benefit of the wider community, however its autonomy and independence must never be compromised.


The CFSVA strongly supports that the Country Fire Service maintains and manages its own budget, underpinned by sustainable levels of funding to ensure autonomy and flexibility.

Frontline Volunteer Support

The CFSVA fully endorses the engagement of Frontline Volunteer Support Staff to support Brigades with recruitment and retention matters as well as providing support with the ever increasing paperwork. Funding for this initiative must be on-going and additional to current CFS budget funding.

Organisational Support

The CFSVA recommends that the level of budget funding to CFS be increased to ensure appropriate staffing levels.

Return to Work

The CFSVA strongly supports that CFS volunteers be treated as equals to paid staff for the purpose of the Return to Work Act and that any benefits or concessions available to paid firefighters are equally extended to volunteers.

Capital Funding Program

The CFSVA recommends that the level of budget funding for CFS capital works recognises and meets the need for significant upgrading of Command, coordination and management facilities in preparedness for larger incidents to ensure effective and efficient outcomes.

Leadership Training

The CFSVA fully endorses the implementation of leadership training with a focus on personnel management and basic administration, as well as a mentoring program to support and develop current and future leaders.

Ready Reserve Brigade

The CFSVA fully supports the establishment of Ready Reserve Brigades located in strategic areas in close proximity to regional centres to attract and encourage new recruits.

Employer Recognition

The CFSVA recommends that a national Employer Recognition Scheme be established for employers of emergency services volunteers.

Community Education

The CFSVA strongly recommends the implementation of a public education campaign to ensure that the goodwill of CFS volunteers within the emergency service sector is understood and that CFS Volunteers are not used as an excuse to justify ESL or tax increases. 

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