Senior Firefighter Louise Jane Hincks

Senior Firefighter Louise Jane Hincks

“Forever in our hearts”

Poem read by Chief Officer Mark Jones QFSM at Louise’s Funeral Service

 When fires and storms, crashes or floods place people in harm’s way,  

South Australia’s firefighters are never far away, 

Bravely performing their duties, when people are in need, 

Rarely thinking of themselves – a truly selfless breed.

 We’re drawn to risks and dangers that there people fear,

But we go each time they call us out – it’s our calling – why we’re here,

We accept that the next call might always be our last,

But we respond and turnout anyway – determined and steadfast,

For whatever dangers face us, nothing will change our heart,

Because we’re firefighters to the end and will always play our part.

 Firefighters seek little honour whilst they’re here to hear the praise,

But we should pay them homage at the ending of their days,

Perhaps in tomorrow’s newspapers, the headlines might just say:

“Australia – be in mourning! We lost a firefighter today”.

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