CFSVA Newsletter October 2023

Country Fire Service Volunteers Association

CFSVA Election Results

October 2023

The CFSVA Annual General Meeting and election for Office Bearers were held yesterday and the association is pleased to advise the following results.

CFSVA State President (2-year appointment)

Jeff Clark


CFSVA State Deputy Vice President (2-year appointment)

Frank Regan


CFSVA Board Member (2-year appointment)

Steve Carn



Jeff Clark’s election to the position of State President has resulted in a casual vacancy for the position of State Vice President.

The Management Committee has appointed David Lindner as acting Vice President whilst a by-election is called.

CFSVA Acting Vice President (interim appointment)

David Lindner


Casual Board vacancy

The Management Committee opted not to make an interim appointment for this position.

A by-election will be called for the position in due course.

The CFSVA takes this opportunity to acknowledge and thank David Lindner for his contribution as CFSVA State President over the past 2 year. David has been an integral part of the CFSVA Executive team, and we look forward to his continued involvement with the association.

The association also would like to thank and acknowledge Steve Carn who has served as CFSVA Deputy Vice President for the past 2 years. Steve will also continue his involvement with the CFSVA as a member of the CFSVA Board and as the Murraylands Branch President.

The CFSVA welcomes Jeff Clark to the position of State President, and we look forward to his passion, drive, and determination in progressing the association’s work.

The association also welcome Frank Regan as State Deputy Vice President. Frank is a long serving CFS volunteer, but a newcomer to the CFSVA, and we look forward to welcoming Frank to the executive team.

Finally, to all those who were nominated for positions with the CFSVA, we thank you for your support of the association and look forward to working with you perhaps through other means.

Sonia St Alban

CFSVA Executive Director

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