CFSVA Newsletter March 2022

CFSVA Election Bulletin 

March 2022

As many of you are aware the CFSVA has for some time been lobbying on your behalf in the lead up to the March State election. The key aim of the CFSVA lobbying is to seek political commitment to encourage and support the long-term sustainability of volunteering within the Country Fire Service.

We hope that you find the following information of benefit when deciding on how to cast your vote.

CFS’ 13,500 volunteers contribute an economic value of over $150 million per annum to the South Australian economy. This is equal to over $600 million per any 4 year term of Government.

For years, Governments (both Labor and Liberal), have consistently praised CFS volunteers for their selfless, dedication and commitment and insist that volunteers will never be taken for granted, however the following facts suggest differently.

Please follow the link to view our March 2022 newsletter.

March 2022 Newsletter
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