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The CFSVA has partnered with EasyFuel to produce a co branded card for all CFSVA members. Over the coming weeks your brigade will receive application forms for the CFSVA Membership Card. Please complete the form and return to EasyFuel Australia (prepaid envelope will be provided).

This card has multiple benefits for members as it acts as your membership card, a card to save money on your weekly fuel bill & gain discounts on advertised offers through the CFSVA website “offers” page.

As the membership card is a multipurpose discount scheme the CFSVA is also approaching local businesses in your area to provide up front discounts to CFS Volunteers. We are encouraging CFS Volunteers and businesses to contact the CFSVA Office to be part of this exciting scheme.  Refer to www.cfsva.org.au

EasyFuel provides card holders with the opportunity to easily earn up to 33 cents per litre off (or more) on the regular pump price of petrol at participating fuel stations every week. 

This is capped at 50 litres per fill, saving $16.50 when you fill up your tank!

EasyFuel also helps support independent business owners attract new customers and retain existing customers by offering a fuel discount every time the customer purchases above a certain limit (set by the business).  This promotes up-selling, increased basket spend and because the fuel discount is zeroed when the customer fills up at the fuel station, encourages repeat visits by the customer.

Great news!!!  It costs you nothing to get your a card and start accumulating fuel discounts!!!

Each brigade will be sent manual forms for each member to complete & then post back to receive their free card.

When you receive your card it comes attached to a flyer giving you instructions on how to “activate your card”

The information you provide helps the CFSVA build up a clean database of volunteer contact details.

If you would speed up the process and nominate yourself to be a contact point for the CFSVA membership card distribution for your brigade contact Kirsti Oliver at the CFSVA Office.


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