Management Committee

Management Committee

CFSVA Management Committee 2022

David Lindner

Jeff Clark
CFSVA Vice President (not present in photo)

Steve Carn
CFSVA Deputy Vice President

Brian Kirkland
Branch President South East

Neil Ellis
Branch President Eyre Peninsula

Wayne Phillips (not present in photo)
Branch President Northern

David Gray (not present in photo)
Branch President Yorke Peninsula

Stack Stevens
Branch President Kangaroo Island

Ivan Hosking
Branch President Mt Lofty (not present in photo)

Greg Forbes
Branch President Riverland

Jim Sandford
Branch President Lower North

(not listed in order)


The CFSVA is a lean administrative organisation with a head office and executive officer in Adelaide, a president and vice president and three person executive who are all volunteers, together with volunteer presidents in 10 CFSVA Branches around the State and many more volunteer Group and Brigade CFSVA representatives.

The CFSVA is a mature, responsible volunteer organisation that wishes to establish a stronger strategic approach and become even more relevant to its volunteer members. The Associations’s strategic plan will be a reference for future CFSVA activity that will assist in moving the Association towards its desired vision, and through the work of CFS volunteers achieve a safer South Australia.

The Association holds two general meetings and four management meetings each year.

CFSVA Management Committee

CFSVA Management Meetings

Tuesday 6th June 2023

CFSVA Board Meeting

 Tuesday 9th May 2023


Tuesday 8th August 2023

CFSVA General Meeting


Tuesday 24th October 2023



Tuesday 24th October 2023

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