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Representing CFS volunteers to protect and progress their interests and welfare

The CFSVA represents the interests and welfare of Country Fire Service Volunteers. It is established in legislation and has become a significant stakeholder within CFS, the SA Fire and Emergency Services Commission (SAFECOM) and the SA volunteer community.

The CFS delivers services through volunteers and a strong CFSVA in partnership with a strong CFS and SAFECOM will provide for safer South Australian communities.

The future success of the CFSVA through the support of volunteers is integral to the future achievements of the CFS – as CFS volunteers see themselves as CFS shareholders and the CFSVA as their voice to management and government. The Association will work through a CFS Volunteer Charter to ensure the views of our members continue to be heard.

The CFSVA was established in 1984, formed from the amalgamation of a number of localised firefighter associations across the State. The Country Fires Act (1989) established the CFSVA under legislation as

“an Association that represents the interests of members of CFS organisations”

All CFS Volunteers under the legislation are members of the CFSVA. CFS Groups and Brigades pay membership fees for voting rights at Association Branch meetings.

The CFSVA is a lean administrative organisation with a head office and executive officer in Adelaide, a president and vice president and three person executive who are all volunteers, together with volunteer presidents in 10 CFSVA Branches around the State and many more volunteer Group and Brigade CFSVA representatives.

The Association provides a safety net, additional means of consultation and communication and a representative body for CFS volunteers through its organisation structure:

  • All CFS Volunteers

  • Group and Brigade CFSVA Representatives

  • CFSVA Branch Presidents (10 across the state)

  • CFSVA President

  • Vice President and Deputy Vice President

  • Executive Director

  • State Executive (3 officers)

The Association represents the interests of CFS volunteer members through:

  • Political advocacy at all levels

  • Close liaison with the CFS Board and Executive

  • Participation on CFS and SAFECOM committees

  • Nominating representatives to the SAFECOM Advisory Board

  • Close liaison with the SASES Volunteer Association and the United Firefighters Union (SA)

  • Visiting CFSVA Branches and CFS Groups and Brigades

  • Active communication through CFSVA Branches to Groups and Brigades

The CFSVA is a mature, responsible volunteer organisation that wishes to establish a stronger strategic approach and become even more relevant to its volunteer members. The Associations’s strategic plan will be a reference for future CFSVA activity that will assist in moving the Association towards its desired vision, and through the work of CFS volunteers achieve a safer South Australia.

The Association holds two general meetings and four management meetings each year.


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